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Specialty Coffee


Each of our coffee selections is brewed specifically to bring out it’s best flavor profile based on it’s origin and roast with our Fetco Brewer.

Café Au Lait

2/3rd drip coffee 1/3rd steamed milk. Recommended for those who need just a little caffeine to get going without too much milk.


Two shots pulled slightly ristretto to accentuate the natural sweetness and complexity of bean.


Meaning “cut” or “stain” in Italian this preparation style refers to the addition of steamed milk foam to a shot of espresso.


Originating from American soldiers on R&R in Paris, this is a facsimile of drip coffee made with espresso and hot water.


Made with locally-produced, hormone-free milk from grass-fed cows and beautifully presented, our classic combination of espresso and steamed milk is unlike any other.


Similar to a latte, a cappuccino requires a higher ratio of steamed-milk foam to steamed milk.  This creates a more textural, espresso-centric drink with better heat retention.


House-made Ghirardelli chocolate syrup added to a latte.

Flat White

Double shot of espresso pulled fully ristretto topped with 6oz of steamed whole milk. Well-balanced, rich, and naturally sweet.

Pour Over

Hand brewed with your single origin selection, this process brews a single cup of coffee with precision and quality highlighting the processing method and terroir of each coffee.


Pour over style of brewing producing a larger quantity of coffee.

French Press

Immersion brewing of grounds without a paper filter produces a cup with higher lipid content than that of drip brewing. Like cooking with butter, this brings out a different set of flavors than standard brewing.

Matcha Latte

Green Tea powder added to milk and steamed.

Chai Latte

House-made five spice chai combined with milk and steamed.


White Peony

White Tea (Honey, Vanilla, Floral)

Cloud & Mist

Green Tea (Light, Nutty, Fruity)

Valley Peak

Green Tea (Nutty, Buttery, Toasted)

Green Needle Jasmine

Green Tea (Sweat Floral)

Golden Turtle

Oolong Tea (Crisp, Floral, Smooth)


Oolong Tea (Coconut, Floral, Sweet, Creamy)

Rock “Big Red Robe”

Oolong Tea (Earthy, Fruit, Spice)

Black Gold

Black Tea (Brown Sugar, Honey, Earthy)

Rice Aroma

Ripe Pu’er Tea (Woodsy, Robust, Malty)

Imperial Dark

Ripe Pu’er Tea (Robust, Earthy, Mineral)

Signature Drinks


Raw cacao mixed into a syrup using local honey combined with two shots of espresso.


Three shots of espresso shaken with turbinado sugar and poured into a rocks glass.

Spiced Thai Coffee

Our take on a traditional ca phe sua da, this dessert-like combination of Espresso, Drip Coffee, and Sweetened Condensed milk brewed with Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove is one of our most popular beverages.

The Mayan

Ghirardelli chocolate with drip coffee and steamed milk topped with cayenne pepper.

Amanda Palmer

Mint leaves steeped in lemonade with a touch of honey and cayenne pepper.